Moorhouse Group Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to Moorhouse Group, a leading provider of business insurance to the UK’s SME market.

From a young age business was my passion. Unlike most however, I believed success came from customer and industry validation, something, which over a quarter of a century later, has helped me to grow Moorhouse Group into the customer centric business it is today.

Whilst I ask much of myself and my team professionally, our company culture has, and always will put the customer at the core of everything we do.   Since our establishment in 1990, we have worked hard to develop valued and strategic partnerships with the UK’s leading insurers in order to benefit our customers.

We are very specific in what we do and design products,  which become exclusive to us, so we can control service standards right from quotation to policy issue for all of our customers.  In addition, we also access the insurance open market.

We deeply embed a culture of transparency, integrity and client care and are always willing to over-deliver. Treating customers fairly is at the heart of our every decision.

Over the last few years’ growth, partnerships and an ongoing commitment to innovation has been our priority; this is still the case, it’s what makes us different. We don’t just do this for profit; we do it because we want to be “world class”.

Through our two subsidiaries Xbroker and we will continue to build relationships with both our clients and partners.

“This is the Moorhouse way” and we would love to do business with you.

Lyndon Wood
CEO and Founder

Lyndon Wood

We live by the same principals as any business and that is we listen, take pride in what we do and have an obsession about customer service.