We are committed to creating a working environment where people can flourish and find the freedom to fulfil their potential. We are committed to developing peoples skills and have implemented a flightpath development programme to do this. Our flightpath programme ensures that our people get the right support from our talented leaders who can motivate, coach and lead by example.

We want Moorhouse Group to be the best choice for talented people. Our employees are the key to our success and a talented workforce will make Moorhouse Group stand out in a highly competitive marketplace and enable us to provide the best service to our customers.

Our 3 Key Principles

  • To care, assist and help ALL of our customers

  • To care, assist and help ALL of our employees

  • To grow our income, premium and client base

Career Flightpath -Testimonial

“I have been fortunate enough to have opportunities in Sales, Marketing and Corporate Account Handling before I became a manager 2 years ago. Having worked in other business within the same industry, I can honestly say that the one things I enjoy about working here more than anything else is the fact that you do get given a chance when you’ve earned it & the company is very committed to developing talent.”

Adam Gauci, Head of Existing Business